A description of my synapse

My name is JaVaughn Gray and I am a twenty- seven year old poet. I see poetry as a form of expression and an outlet for your emotional stress and happiness.  I am using this outlet as a way to publicize myself and my writings. Love, loss, and happiness are all emotions that we experience right? Sometimes on a daily basis. I hope my poetry will allow you to free yourself from these feelings, if only for a second, and get a glimpse into my world. If you are unable to free yourself, I would hope that you are able to use my writings to relate to a voice that is just like you. Enjoy while we create conversations together about all of the sometimes indescribable emotions that occur in our everyday lives.

Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life – William Hazlitt

For serious inquiries email: writingsingray@gmail.com

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1 thought on “A description of my synapse”

  1. I am writing poetry at mine too. Feel free to visit when you get the chance JaVaughn. 🙂

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