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ill take my time
reconstruct your body line for line
relax your mind, tonight you belong to me
you are mine

sweet….. as the taste of confection
as the sap from your petals touch my tongue
sugar in the form of whats to come
your body has chills, your legs tremble
its a quarter past one
and the storm is brewing outdoors
but you shine here in this room like the rays of the sun

it has begun…

body on the sheets of grey as you reach the peak
taking what you want
or wanted in the sense of needing
this is yours.. your body. mind. i can see you are feigning
willing to baby dose for the healing
but what is the use if you keep returning after leaving
…..so stay
whether the weather is coming down
or non existing
because being in company is more pleasing
than being alone
inside of a room where your hands have to explore on there own

jay g