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pick up the phone, show me it was real…


missing you… like
i have had this moment on my mental
holding your body, placing my lips on your temple
music playing.. candles burning
liquor stirring
sativa controlling, relax
ive been missing, needing your healing
not in a sense of the sexual but in the way that is gentle
picked up the phone and showed me the real
and came through to changed the temperature to chill
i got my fix
certainly needed that shit..
so you should stay. so missing doesnt lead to us feining
i get a jones for the way your skin feels
how your toes are colder than the tips of your fingers
how your fingers trace my lifelines and how our lips lock like arms providing heat in the winter
how your eyes are either reading pages at a time or watching me watch you
missing you… like
was a condition
and it is because im going crazy in my mental
but holding your body places, me inside your temple
music playing
candles burnt out
liquor empty
indica ashed…
no longer missing..
you stayed

Jay G