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what is a man to do.. when
they lose there figure..
there mold
there… blueprint
do they digress into the boy they were
or do they remain a man without guidance
do they become a man seeking confidence,
what are we to do, other than make them proud of us?
who do we run to when for our children we can not find the pathway to kindness
ive been lost in someways since the day your voice went silent
i am going to be a husband in hopes to emulate what you created
father too
i just hope you are proud of me
look down on me and smile
skies have been clearer since january
and grandma is okay
ive been hiding the fact that i miss you
but i get weak too
at a lost of words because im unsure of what to do
what are we supposed to do
ive stopped drinking as much.. like you asked and im trying to better my friendships as well as relationships too
and jas and i opened a new chapter i just wish you were here to coach me through
for us, father figures are so important
and i miss mine….

Jay g