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It only took 3 seconds to know that Id love you forever
That you would hold my last name
And we’d be
On cloud nine making our way to happily
You make the earth feel like venus is the planet we walk
That our love is voiced by the alignment of the stars
And that we,
We are a story that the gods made stories about
Make me understand why people create love songs
Why people love
Why people fear losing and why people fight for love
I know and understand why its important
And you make me feel like everything means nothing
Without you saying something
Without hearing you tell me that loving you is exceptional
And life is just life without loving you
Because for me loving you is life and without you life is meaningless
See I stumbled upon the emotion of it
Found the courage to motor the motion of
And finally fall in love deep without fear in drowning for you
1 second
2 second
So this forever?