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The lights turn your skin into sapphire blue…
The lace that conseals what’s sacred is an intense red…
The room is incase with love as I kiss you
Without hesitation we become connected
Magical.. how I fit perfect
Touching the soul of your shell
Releasing the greatest feelings 
How does it feel to have love grow inside you?
To feel fire spark through the euphoric feeling
This grand piano that we lay on
Creates the cadance that we dance too
As I undress you
Under the lights that turn your skin sapphire blue
Eyes the hue of honey
I’m receiving a sugar high off of you
Roses are merlot… This wine is too
As I place the shot glass on your stomach.. breathe gentle so it doesn’t spill on you… Shot 1
As I poor another you bring me eye to eye with you
Whispering sweet nothing’s in my ear
With the features of your tongue to my neck
Our chemistry is hypnotic
Addicting even…. While we lay here underneath these lights

Jay G