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The most beautiful thing
Exotic in taste
The most erotic in selection
Sensual in the lesser of light
Inspiring in the brightest… Room
From the way her melanin flowed lightly
To the way her eyes would reflect the hue of leaves falling from the trees in autumn
Funny how I cant stop writing songs about her… I love her so much
Truly adore her
My darling nikki, my cinnamon girl
Maybe you can be the marrying kind
If I was the man in your life
See the transition to forever can be as smooth as the electric guitar in computer blue
My dear sex shooter
Here on this couch
We can be whatever we desire
As we make love on these diamonds and pearls
As nelson sings diamonds and pearls
Of course we can just kiss
While my spirit calls your name
My darling nikki
You were so hard to find…
The picture perfect… now
Forever and always
The most beautiful thing..
Do you remember when we first heard doves cry, march across the sky
We almost went insane
But became tranquil
the moment that we found out that our king or queen was being
Watched by a prince
And that april showers were now everlasting
As the clouds fill with moisture
And released purple drops of rain
It is you my Apollonia that keeps me.. Sane

Jay G