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when will it stop..
it feels like we are under attack, with a lack of assistance from those who have the power to act
this is not a poem
aimed for the pro black
this is to those who see a daily genocide and refuse to react
they allow a man who walked in a church and assassinated those in prayer
to walk out in handcuffs and bullet proof wear
while unarmed black teens get gunned down.. without care
when will it stop
im not one to utilize the race card
but its difficult not to when looking at the families scared
so many want to place fingers at we
but look at how much blood we have left on our streets
when will it stop
against us
police are suppose to protect and serve
when will it stop
for those who only want to be baptized in the word
when will it stop
when will be free, free from the hatred
when will it contained …. when will those who lead this genocide be detained

Jay G