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somethings my mind wont let go
the love still strong though
for you.. and the lack i receive from the truth
when a an b cant c things through its usually impossible to continue in rhythm
when distractions become accessible
just an observation…
the book of love reads..
to understand the hearts sound is to confide in the beat of your own
so when was the last time youve heard your soul sing?
last night mines cried because of the thoughts of dormant dreams arising in my fore brain
someone said once that the hold that love can have on you.. can be deminished because of the presence of another
i give my last breath to you.. for you to provide for another
i guess thats why i am blue
lack of oxygen… but i still love you..
silly me.. silly we for playing with the hearts of each other
minds are as fragile as glass when anger is in the spirit of the lover
as hard as they try things get harder to let go
when the mind runs idle
when the spine is chilled with nothing
when the butterflies no longer flutter in the west district
when the body has no shadow to cold the concrete
the heart becomes less discrete,
when i have less to say, because the tongue is silenced
when the love is weakened…. when the weather doesnt change with the seasons
when the mind lets it go
is when you know… but somethings are unforgettable

Jay G