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Becoming religious because of the spiritual connection that causes my soul jubilation…. 
We love deep… I feel the air underneath my feet
I’m falling faster, becoming higher
Off of the hold she has over me… And
I wonder if she knows it…
Knows I’ve never loved this way
If she can tell that the tales that I recite are factual
And not just fragments
I still have the shotgun shell fragments from the casing of cupids gun…. That hit me when I saw her on day one
When you love somebody.. loving is easy
Pure… Purity is what heals all wounds and though we are all bruised
It’s the faith in fate that’s makes it safe
When you hold someones heart
It’s there soul that allows you to do so
My soul has chose her..
My spirit is floored by her and my heart..
Well it’s my heart that is writing this..

Jay G