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I want you to have my baby.. Tonight
I want you to feel me deep…. Is it fair to call our love everlasting…
Bc when I love Baby I love deep
Tonight I’ll take it slow
As I stroke your soul.. with a dose of this sexual healing
Because this temperature is rising
In this room and in me as I place my hands upon your thighs
Its your body that I’ll feast
Bc it’s your body that’s continuously calling me
Today is saint Valentine’s but sinning we will be
As I touch you
Please you
Squeeze you
Love you…
These roses that touch your back is for you
So hold on to my skin as I adore you
It’s ok to lose control… I’m here to support you…
My sweet lady…. Our love making drives me crazy.
Because you don’t know what you do
Forever we will have together…. Inseparable…
My wife…. Forever my lady
Half of you and I… Call me crazy.
But I want you to have my baby

Jay G