My lady and I had a conversation
About validation, and the way that a piece a paper
Urges the confirmation
Of forever
But see when her and i are together we are fools in love with lack of ignorance and full of motivation
I use the words from my soul to sernade the heart of her
By opening up and telling her how I feel because of her
How the way i fly is because of the wind that she provides
And when I find it hard to sleep I envision her eyes
Brown sugar I, Brown sugar I
Am addicted by the way she blinks her eyes.
And when I sleep it’s because of her in my dreams I survive
Because when it comes to our love I’m going to care for you
Because you are perfect
Worth it
So if the piece of paper gets us to forever then I have the ring and the pen to sign our name on the line because
You deserve it

Jay G