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All is fair in love and war
That’s what they say…. See Aries played to many games with the heart of Aphrodite… I guess that’s the reason why cupid wants everyone to love
For everyone to grow…in happiness
All is fair.. in war
See they use your heart for ammunition
Like fluid to a flame they feed your needs to the promises they’ll never keep she loves me
She loves me not
Stomach in knots as i crave her voice but she won’t speak words to me
In love as the odds favor
For its fair if I confess my soul
Regurgitate my spirit so she knows I mean it when I say I love her
Pistol to the sky for I will shoot the stars down to give you the light you deserve
Guitar strings pull like fingers upon a harp when angels pluck them
But that too comes with romantic warfare. All is fair

Jay G