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you belong to me..
i place my secrets in a chest
and gave you the key… safe.. can you keep them?
even sometimes away from me
because when the days are dark even i cave in
even i wonder
so keep them
you belong to my dreams
to my memories… to the night mares
for the nights i wake in cold sweats.. your there to calm me
there to help me breathe
you… sinful at times
mindful at most
fearful never..
no since of denying the hold you have over me
for my spirit is prideful because of the ideals you have preached
promises kept even when i couldnt practice what i speak
how reaching for what you love is better than stretching for a something that was never meant for you to seek
to the keeper thank you love you
to the builder love you thank you
thanks to you both for building me and keeping me
and never forsaking even when my temper gets the best of me
for you belong to me.. all of me
but in debt to you i will forever be

Jay G