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The palace of dreams I hear
Jill sings…
You like me, incite me
See she loves me and I, my feet can’t seem to touch the ground
Without her around me
My soul is imprisoned… It’s hard to envision the days ahead for
She woes me
Controls me, my inner
Call me a sinner.. as I thought about my hands around her waist
As the communion is being passed around this place
But Venus has long ago recruited my faith
As my soul likes this palace of dreams
Like Luke James I allow your
Love to melt through my chasity belt and our spirits began to fornicate to the sounds of your heartbeat
Boom…. I’m making you wait
Late night missing you
Having urges wanting to kiss you
In this palace
As Jill sings in that angelic tone
He loves me, I do…
Especially different because at the first instance I knew that what hera said came true Plant seeds of great feelings and the forever love will be in the roots
And I’ll never worry about where you been or who you saw
And about the others I dismiss the thoughts because in this palace of dreams… It’s just you and me

Jay G