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2:22 am
my mind cant seem to find a entry to the sanity i once had access to
my soul has lost its connection
my spirit has been soaring lower than usual
and my challis over flows with the sinners elixir
i looked for the promise that were for me in a rolodex of memories
to make sure i didn’t overlook the one i found broken..
taking this shot of karma from cupid
has me losing blood, im beginning to feel dizzy
mental or at least out of mines
for not seeing and interpreting the day you left venus for mars
for the chaos of incognito conversation
when i could give you the same if you asked me too
2:22 am i heard the shuttle
i wanted you to stay, needed you too
understanding that dreams are not the only thing that manifest
but nightmares do to
after you reassured me that my REM sleeps reflector wasn’t true
my mind cant function like my past days
my soul will only answer to the knock of rhythm and blues
and my spirit is still lower than usual
i went to the chapel of lovers to beg venus to take my pain away
though i have in the prior tainted the waters, i say
our oceans were clearer now than ever, so how? why did you allow our story to go astray
i received no answer.. but the book opened up to
suite 2 chapter 20 passage 2
it read
the detour that has caused chaos, was always intended for you on the journey
if tears flood the roads, use the rose petals to craft your boat for voyage and continue your path to love
nothing is easy
pain makes things difficult.. and the only thing that can erase the pain.. i cant find..
so ill stay here and hide
until the hour of 2:22 am subsides

Jay g