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Jay G

Liquor and thoughts about you
Funny how the roses look like violets in the presence of silence
But the silent night has my thoughts looking vibrant….vivid enough to be absorb the brightest
My cup filled high…. Doubled with the finest
And as I write this.. I see your image as I blink my Eye lids
Adam to eve
On this eve of the night that my mind was locked on you like an iron sight.. my vision became blurry as it was you as my muse
While this liquor gave me courage to write…. While the future looks clearer
Like prism taking in the light
Vibrant and beautiful like my thoughts at night.


The poison consumed slowly turns into a healing potion
it drowns all pain no thought process no sudden motion but never motionless
as the blood in the veins race faster with every drop of this bitter sweet liquid
 the mind becomes more naïve for everyone is wrong and there is only one right..
 lights are now bright depth of vision out of sight hearing now lost to an empty solution at what cost
the world around is only yours for he or she drinks thy liquor