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so many thoughts on the mind of this writer
how i miss the way my hands, would caress your body
without hesitation or thought
now these hours are the only thing blocking me from you
these minutes are acting like proximity mines
that can go off any second
but the urge baby
i got an urge to lay with you
love you
rough enough to make your soul and spirit catch the holy ghost
my love connection is only due to the embrace of the way you and i
the media can only see partial of our happiness
if you took the time to weigh our love
it would convert from grams to tons instantly
so many dreams in my mind over the span of the nights time
that when i awake
my reality is blissful
full of the feeling of happy
but i miss the way my hands would scalp your body
how your temple would allow me to place a wedge inside the doorway so that my love could explore you
god does not understand how much i love you
not as much as zeus’s love child and
not much as her creation, for its because of his arrows and weapon that i can stand here with such dictation
and praise of the favor
the prominent flavor of her confection
is the reason for my hearts dilation
give me a.. minute baby
so many thoughts on the mind of this writer
because of you my muse
the one who constantly inspires

Jay G