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The simplest of exchanges
Can be the thing that makes You
Breaks you…
Takes your soul away
Live for her love, die for her love
Six feet deep in regrets
Knowing I broke her heart
Knowing that I may never get back that part
Some things
You go to war for. Even when you’re fighting alone
Because she still has my heart furnished with memories
Her scent still lingers like she’s next to me
Her side still warm… I wonder if she feels me
Or is it non existent
The feeling… If so how distant?
I was never wondering of the other
I was hurt more than anything
But still hoping you would return to me.
Fully… Without wading in regrets of what your life could be
The comparison of shades in a yard can be easy to see
When things are in shambles
Or are becoming shattered….
The simplest of exchanges
I love You. Can hold the same significance as
I hate you
Just different ends of the spectrum
Difference is the simplicity in the exchange

Jay G