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My queen,
my torso is her pedestal cuz she holds me down.
Fascinated wit every aspect of her temple
even the walls men vandalized.
I treasure your pearl with nothing less than the drenched lips that part ways to speak I love you.
Flutterd stomachs as your energy inertwines with mine,
creating our universe of dragons and Phoenix dancin upon a pedals of asters made out of moonstone.
eating pomegranate under the hanging garden as cannabis burns.
my queen.
gazing upon the marvel of mankind knowing that is my palace to roam
See you was looking for a donor but this heartless vessel was thinking with his bell head,
penetrating keyhole or kilos cuz I thought they were dope,chasity belt fall below sheen wit you no where in mind.

Jay G

Ain’t shit more beautiful than watching the sky break
Watching the clouds shake
I heard about Atlantis
I watched heaven fall from oblivion
Damn this…. Liquor
Numbing me , dumbing me dumbing me down
I use to watch the rivers run from here
Black..burns…..smoke. That’s all I see here
Now ever since yester year
Ever since I heard about that..
What were you thinking
About me about we
Or the plan to replace that feeling I could’ve healed
Healed what was in need of healing
My palace is broken my utopia too
Roses red violets blue
My heart calls out to the violence of you because the glass that you threw
Has me torn into two
Because you, my heart was given to
Heard you needed a donor
this heart less vessel is in need of owner
And this utopia is in need of mending
Mending the mind of my lover
You are my lover no other can love me harder
Even if they’re the reason for my utopian paradise falling