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The memories have caused madness
In chaotic fashion
My passion has pleasured my synapses
And pleasures have satisfied the eardrums of the heart
The tear ducts of my soul
Beautiful utopia I apologize for the disruption
For confliction
But there will be a resolution
To this senseless revolution
The memories of words across the walls like splattered misunderstandings from the oblivious 
Has me feeling curious
How that one conversation has me somehow in the deep end
Looking for a paddle but instead i found a safe haven upon your mind
In which it has become my newly founded shrine
Damn it feels good to have you as mines
As my comfort as my far from mediocre
For it is mediocrity that turns the mind inconsistent
And since you are constantly on my mind
That makes my thoughts about you and us evolving into we one of a kind
The madness in my mind, began
Once time turned idle
And love started clashing
For the memories caused this madness
In a chaotic but subtle fashion

Jay G