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I placed my pen into the ink
And wrote my sins on a sheet, of concrete
I inhaled natural remedies
And would hallucinate about, love stories
How she wrote in calligraphy… Signed with love from Aphrodite
Earth has placed a lot of pain upon me
So spiritually my soul has to leave
To a place where her beliefs can set me free
Where the atmosphere causes the sky to look pink
She gives my mind  sweet epiphanies
From when my mind is at ease, beyond rem
She is the reason my heart pumps pleasure and ecstasy
Praise her for placing her sins on this concrete
I stumbled over the sheet, while inhaling natural remedies
Seeing images of her spirit guide me
I was shot in the heart from arrow by her son
Now when I bleed it’s the color of lavender and lillies
I can feel the power of cupid inside me
I wrote a passage about my lady
And how she lent her spirit and love to me so my pain would end
I came across this religion, of love and new beginnings
How I praise the spirit who wrote her sins in concrete
In return to spread this gracious feeling
She placed her pen inside this ink
And wrote scriptures in the sky
Like paintings on a ceilings
So this is our Sistine, our statute of liberty
This is our bible of love written in purple calligraphy

Jay G