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Dark alleys
Are what become of my mind
Blinded by the absence of the feeling I’m used to is the reason my soul is being held captive
By the shell in which has molded to it
I’ve become mentally insane
From the dreams created inside of this frame
So much for this brain
So much for this mind of mines
As I search through memory banks looking for who use to be mines
She left months maybe years ago
She left nothing but a letter attached to it was her pain
And….. Her half of what we use to share
Now my utopia is lifeless surroundings
The doves that hit the sky are flying upside
And the hearts the love birds are now beating irregular
My spine trembles and not because of the butterflies that were in my stomach
But because my nerves are giving
Dark skies turn darker
This alley begins to look like a valley
My mind…. My saynapes

Jay G