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The pleasant feeling..
Of .. being
Even when others aren’t seeing
Me .. how i need them too
What is the purpose of…. Knowing
Or needing
I needed the assurance
For her who needed the reassuring affection of my perfection.
Knowing I’m far from perfect in her eyes
I wear this face as a disguise
For I’m really just a soul… A spirit
In need of understanding…
As I am often misunderstood
For not knowing or misinterpreting
The passion, for not knowing when to hold back and
Breathe, my breath is leaving me.. exhaling diligently
As I am
Asking about the pleasant feeling
of being
Hoping your watching from your Window
Hoping you see improvement
In me
Hoping to feel that feeling of pleasantness within me
Hoping that your faith isn’t lost within me

Jay G