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Like a gentle wind in June
I miss the mellow
The sweetness of a hello
Is overshadowed by the anger… The resentment
You hear me say how much I love you
And I swear to you
The emotion isn’t altered in anyway… It never will
I just want to stand in the sun with you
Without shade
Without protection
With out you feeling a sense of negligence
Or rejection
Your perfect to me
Shouldn’t that matter most,
The mellow..
I just want the smooth
I want to hold you while listening to the blues
I want to hear you giggle
Not just laugh, but like your tickled blue
I want to lay and be silly with you
I just want the mellow
The gentle and true… Without restrictions on time
No filters or spoofs
I want the melodic instruments to enlighten the mood
As the lights go from white to red
Purple to blue
Our hearts become mellow
As our spirits leave the room
Like wind out of a window in the middle of June

Jay G