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I can’t catch a bullet from a gun
But I can heal your broken heart
And I can’t levitate in the air. But i can make you heat up like our closes star
Have you ever been in love
Doesnt it make you feel so strong
Like you have superpowers
Like you are superhuman
I may not be able to shoot lasers from my eyes but i can make you feel the fire
From the way I touch your skin..
I can read your mind.. I know where you want me to begin…
Kissing your lips.. and pulling you in
I can’t make it rain but I have you dripping
From this chalice… I sip this elixir…
Compared to your tang… This wine is bitter
I may not be super but I am human
Human enough to hold enough power to love you like I never have to another..or even could picture doing
So I’ll be your superhero
Your star shining at night…. As long as you be my Lois lane…
To protect me from the kryptonite

Jay G