These quiet mornings
Remind me of how peaceful it feels inside a room where
You and I occupy
How abruptly the world stops
How quiet, serene
How tranquil it feels, see
Smooth lover
My passionate operator
My compassionate understander
I will do whatever I can do
To keep these mornings… Even if I have to listen to our music times infinity
Even if I have to roll this Jasmine plant
And inhale these fumes
I would do that, too
Thunder shakes these walls
Lightning places a different shade into this place
On this early morning
My nights are interrupted
Afternoons not as gracious
My mornings are not either, if you aren’t in my arms
But when you are,  silence
distractions are only lightly faded visions
That no longer matter once our eyes have collisions
My smooth lover
My passionate operator
Compassionate understander
I love the mornings we share

Jay G