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He adores the trail she makes…
He studies her… How her spine curves as she makes her way.. beauty
Is what she displays… Even when she thinks different…
He hears her thoughts before she speaks.. he takes it in…. Even though she doesn’t feel he listens.
He adores her
Unconditional.. his love is for her
Her eyes opens doors inside of his chapelt which he vowed to keep shut… Now when he sleeps
She struts through the halls of his mind.. rewriting love songs on the walls
He thinks I’m beautiful.. even when I think different…. And what I say to him goes in one way and comes out in minutes …. I just want him to listen..
She adores him
His scent makes her knees weak
Her lips numb
I see him studying my walk.. so I’ll walk slower
As long as he keeps watching me do my thing..
He tells me I’m beautiful
She is the pure definition of beauty… And she’s mine

Jay G