It was when you walked to me
Slowly.. wanting to embrace the sexual vibes
That was coming from the diamond between your thighs
That pink matter…that pink crush velvet
Your land… It was when I raised up and placed your hips in my hands
Kissed your neck as you held me close
I remember undressing you… Feeling you
As your boyshorts hit the carpet
Comforting your soul as I laid you back you looked me in the eye
Wanting me
Wanting me to caress your thighs
Allow you to dig your nails into the spine of me
As access is being granted
Into the warmth of you
Passion, fire
Slow desire
If these walls could watch they to would turn red
Like this light, primetime as we perform for these stars
Our lovecestors would be proud of how we come together not only in flesh
But through eternal love and mind
Eternal in time

Jay G