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Your mind is irresistable
With every fraction of mystery. My spine
Tingles in hopes to have your soul, with something deeper than intimacy
I look you in the eyes and enjoy the simplicity of each minute
Slowing down each moment
The paintings are futuristic in my dreams
And I have had dreams of you
And I
The clouds becoming bliss
The rain drops feeling like kisses , when they hit the skin
If love was a sin
Then engulf me with the flames from Hades himself
Because your mind is irresistible
Simply chaotic when I glance at the world from your perspective such a pure intellect
As you restructure the vision of love, through a touch
I can feel it as it singes through your fingertips I’ve never known a love like such
This is deeper than unconditional
Stronger than diamonds
This is about how ones mind can make anothers fein through the elements of passion
With feelings of compassion, vibes and power
That can fuse fragments
Of hurt, displeasures, impactions
Baby your mind is simply irresistible
And if.. you see what I do then even you would be attracted

Jay G