The Sun could rise right now and I wouldn’t stop making love to you
I wouldn’t stop kissing you navigating your cloud 9
For the 60th time
I wouldn’t stop , I could lay here with you, forever
Write, recite,and testify to you , forever
Knowing you will listen and console
I swear the sun could rise right now and I would still devise a strategy to the hide the rays
As I play inside your temple
Kiss your cheeks
And as you smile… I do the same
I would not cease this time…. I would remain
Until the end if I was able
The suns rising and your on orgasm
2 plus 2
Hands dug in the sheets take a deep Breath and count to 3
As our 4 play mixes with r.Kelly s 12 play
Our voyage to love land just took off
Close your eyes and open your thighs so I can detour
To kiss land
Before the sky fully accepts the circumfrence of the sun

Jay G