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the promises were found in the bible
in which she revered on the regular
but not your normal scriptures
the words her eyes connected with replaced her doubt
with a new faith and understanding so when she walks down the road
she’s never alone
because she feels the protection of her angels
her beliefs are high in favor
she can taste the sweet essence of the flavors
of the greatest gifts given by the one she views as her forever
the place, path or promise
is held in her heart
the passages she read has given her soul a new jumpstart
now her corridors have gotten wider
her mind, as in the same
her perspective is gracious, she plays with the flame
she knows love is a cane
only sweet near the grains, and in order to reach the middle you must be accepted in her name
the promises were found in the book, the bible in which is revered and proclaimed
the scriptures constructed powers inside her brain
the bible of what your use to
is not one in the same
this one
not amended nor has been changed
not multiple versions, but one in the original slang
professing the pleasures of the greatest feeling one can claim
promising promises on a page that can regenerate your veins
her religion is not a condition
but indeed powerful commitment
that those in the past have take for granted its sad but it a painful admission
but when you got it
its good
a beautiful sense of permission
i present to you the pleasure of love
or just the way i envision

Jay g