The longest and deepest
Cuts can linger through the bones of the strongest spirit
Even when the soul is becoming brittle and bones are becoming hollow
My mind attempts to keep positive, even when my vibes are less energized and my blessing are being ignored
I still believe in answering my negativity with the positive portion of my entity
They say I’ve grown quiet
That I have pulled away from socity
I havent, I promise
I am just searching for bandages
Bands that will bring aid to my soul because some decisions that I’ve made in my conscious state
Rupture internally when I’m unconscious
And causes me, sadness
Causes me pain
That last for hours sometimes days
The longest and deepest, the hardest cuts
Are felt sometimes instantly, sometimes never
Until triggered by a thought of that moment they say I have grown colder
I haven’t I promise
It’s just a didn’t temperature
Inside my ventricles….. I think about
My short comings
The fallen.. tears start falling
Mind becomes bogged and congested
Guards go up feelings become blocked in…
Trying to keep the blood flowing
Trying to save the movement in my limbs because the longest, deepest cuts
Can be what drives you to the end, of your days
So be careful and. Love
Be…. careful…. and love

Jay G