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Grind Right! So today we’re getting a little more into the arts and shit.  Jay Gray is GRMG’s lone poet, but a damned good one. Jay’s poem’s are influenced by the Def Poet Era that birthed poets such as Jill Scott, Black Ice, and Shian.  He also does spoken word and will be featured on GRMG projects in the future.  Furthermore, Jay has been writing poetry for the better part of 10 years, and the 24 year old is also a published writer as well.  His new book entitled “Purple Calligraphy,” in which the focus is love, is set to release soon so stay tuned for that.  Also make sure you check his website out on April 15th as he is doing something special for the 1st anniversary.  To get to his website click here Also..stay tuned we got more music comin this week & Nick Blaze has a special…

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