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Dare to speak her name 
can’t live without her, a man can really go insane 
I wish I was hooked on her like the dope that goes inside my vein
Because she helps me deal with the constant nonsense that haunts my conscience and brain 
But I’m selfish, I mean society taught me that relationships are a migraine 
In the beginning you’re full of feelings then they slowly start to drain 
So u isolate yourself, using this for protection 
But what u don’t notice is that you’re trapping yourself with those feelings u neglected
Saying that u choose to be alone, and how u respect it 
And now you’re sick but keep thinking it’s gotta be something u ingested
Seems like those feelings u rejected
Matured and now you’re infected 
Just like freedom, its something everyone should be blessed with
I mean it’s sleep to the restless 
Air to breathe for the breathless 
It’s precious like a necklace 
It brings hope to the helpless
But I can only write because I’m spending 25 to life by my lonesome for not being over zealous 
The only emotion I can feel now is being jealous  
Pay attention to my mistakes, because denying love is truly selfless 

Jay G

Dare to speak her name
A man can really go insane
Without her I am nothing
Confined to these cell blocks of memories
Her handprints on the window pane
My paradise
Is no longer, so… And I find my mind becoming lost
So .. here I am and there she goes
So far but so close
My mind becomes drained
I’ve heard of pain becoming a permanent stain on a persons well being
I become afraid to play with the truth in a dare
As I say her name
Because truth is… She is the only truth I have known to this day
Playing roulette can be troublesome and often comes with regret
Because once the trigger is pulled theres no going back
I pulled the trigger on a fantasy and now
Paradise has become lost
So I dare to speak her name
In hopes she answers and silences the pain

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