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Live this life as a mission 
Not like 
The definition of sacrifice don’t apply to us. 
Would you give what you want to obtain things you need?
Use what makes you grieve, as motivation to discover meaning in what you don’t understand. Developed patience
When creating the blueprint to succeed 
While disregarding the systems plan 
to control our dreams 
Only tell us the truth through 
fictional movie scenes
to question what we believe.
Just spread my ashes amongst the calmest of seas 
Write my words along a cross and put it in a popular place so people who’s interested read it and I can look down to see the look on their face. When I’m gone. Know
I sacrifice my life knowledge to ensure 
The future generations brains are polished,
The mission is to rise above the standards the system sets for the common human. What’s your sacrifice?

Jay G

Define this life I’m living as a sacrifice
Understand the mission is never to be aborted
Or given a justification
I live and learn through all situations
I have given my mind
When some wanted my soul
But my spirit was to bold
And the demons shoulders were cold
But my dreams would set there premeditated nightmares on fire
And placed there intentions on hold
I sacrifice sleep,
So my visions can prosper
I sacrifice the light, to find why my mind can be so horrid
The standards of the system is the reason we rebel
So rise, or figure out
What is your sacrifice

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