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Jay G

Somethings mystical about you 
A beautiful spirit 
To mysterious to be captured
To rare to be on the grounds of hera
So you ride the luxuries of the clouds
And shoot arrows from the heavens 
I find the findings of ropes in which you were bonded to. 
I’m glad that the emotion broke you free 
Free fall in love 
Rather than die In the arms of what’s harmed you


Somethings intriguing about you
A powerful mind being intertwined with life
and every insecurity of it 
The luminous light in your spirit humbles me
I’ve never encountered a being so amazing
Your contagious smile is consistent
We wear it well together, our lips mimicking our hearts
Winds has eased us in each others direction
With arms stretched, Im falling freely beneath your left 
collar-bone between that caged-in section
Please, please have all of me 

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