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When you stare into my eyes I envision nothing more than my souls dilation falling freely between every brown hue,
tiptoeing amongst the edge so I can’t get lost deeper into you, 
yet your gaze shoves me in

When you embrace me I swear I’m Taylor swifting through the clouds mumbling love tunes that sound like ‘I love you’ I’m ice skating between your grip, creating figure-eights trying to figure out if you’ve added weights to my chest because I’m falling, heavily into your arms..

Jay G

And I will catch you 
Hold you and together we’ll float.  
When my eyes caught yours 
Our irises gave our souls confirmation to merge 
Mind blowing, you keep my mind going. I see it in your soul that your spirit is afraid to disappear with mines 
For the weight you feel you’ve added is only to cushion your fall 
You say your Taylor swifting through the atmosphere 
Well it’s clear to me that everything’s changed since the first blink 
Your the one

The same sound, tunes inside of my ear drum I love you 
And the figure eights you create is a sign of forever.. your just seeing it a different way. So fall into my arms.. I promise I will not go astray

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