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And I am feeling so small. It was over my head I know nothing at all, and I will stumble and fall I’m still learning to love. Just starting to crawl… say something

– a great big world

I wear a smile…
A smile but inside..
I feel. Not myself
Missing… Im trying, looking
Searching for a resolution to the problems I have dwelling
Feeling shut out by those who.. love me
I know they love me.
Wanting better for who I am going to be
I just want a sanctuary. Without sacrifice
I want the world to revolve but not because it is a want of mine.
I want you… To want me and
the air we breathe to conceive
I swear I wear a smile.
Not sure either to cry or laugh
Say something, I’m giving up on you
Plays through my mind
Hoping you still love me the way I love you
Because I swear i do.
Ive walked the fine line
Of thin ice. Ive slip upon the cold glacier
Its those words
Say something,
I’m giving.. up. In.
I can’t take anymore of you
These battles consume me, this war has me losing days
Minutes… Seconds
But I smile.
In hopes that the happy moments, can cloud
The energy that tries to make me frown.
Say something…
Tell me you….

Jay G