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this pen of mines…
runs across this solid line
for a sense of affection i heard
venus was being evacuated
i found the notice on my kitchen table
i look up in the mirror for reflection…
i seen my neighbor at the grocery store
looking really dazed…. he asked

how do you know if the love of your life
still wants to be loved
what happens when your no longer a priority
do you accept this confirmation
do you conform to the situation or do you pull them in until they feel the vibrations

then he… walked away looking crazed
i… crave for the touch of you
for your hand to touch my face, again
the way it use to
i dissect the lyrics of songs as i write about you
my stomach gets this… feeling
i feel so.. far from the one who is the closet to me
closing my eyes allowing the alcohol to warm me
as hard as i fight, sometimes i feel as if i have already lost
like theres no yesterday, no hour ago…
this pen of mines races over this once solid line
we will find love in the sky or in this purgatorial triangle
Venus what happens when the love of your life
says they no longer loves
is it wrong for me to recite your words
it wrong for me to try to console

the evacuation begun
i just hope to travel with the one i loved
even if shes out of love
and love alone

Jay g