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the time was 3:37 am
on a day that i can not remember
but i remember the weather
it was one of the coldest days in octember
between the months of october and decemeber
i use to listen to the harsh winds of winter
i would wish you were here. i would call to get no answer…
so i decided to write you. instead
a poem.. about us
about the passion we shared, its okay
there has been a influx in capacity. so we are not alone up here
but no one knows our spot, about the talks
we have shared
about you falling out of love here
and me trying and fighting to keep you
feeling the core of this place quake
but its okay… these bright suns in these clear waters can not demolish
our supernova
our story will be told by the kids who studied these grounds
by our footprints by the markings we have left
by the hearts we have locked in that chest

Jay G