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this is your everyday love poem
that roses are red violets are blue
love poem
that ill die for you type love poem
and i am the person who
was shot by cupid.. or was it.. the arrow that went through your heart
that hit mines
because.. i fell in love with you the very moment my eyes hit the atoms that created you.
shit, it was that moment that my poems were no longer poetry
but letters to the woman that i wanted to bite that forbidden peach with
the woman i wanted to share my throne with
can i crown you
as mine?
if so take this black light
wait until the sun falls asleep
and look for the messages, i have written in invisible ink
the first clue is on you..
3 spaces from your left thumb
once i place my heart and spirit around your finger
you and i will soar in the soulful forever
this is an everyday love poem
about love and love
and bliss
and how no matter how mad,
or happy we are, our love continues to get
more vibrant, intense
even when days are boring as shit
my moment.. this moment is shared with my heart
and that causes all to be… forfeited
so are roses red?.. are violets blue?
if you need a heart transplant i would give my life to you
this is a love poem
dedicated to you

Jay G