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i made a shrine of the time we use to have
of the melodic memories our vibes would get caught upon
i still remember creating poems about you
and the first one?
was about you and how you were the epitome of that definition
i made a shrine of the time we shared
of the time that could not be compared to the seconds that tick on my time piece
when i am alone
if i had an album i would have a interlude as a ode to you
for letting me take hold of you
allowing me to make roots inside the soul of you
see love is.. clever
root deep enough and a forest can grow and live forever
now this shrine will be looked at as a relic
being able to with stand this troublesome weather
this weather
i made a shrine of the time
and the second, minute, and hour hands were crafted by my souls
blood, tears, and words

Jay G