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this poem is inspired by the 1990 spike lee movie “mo betta blues”

not that mo’ betta..
not what you are use to
that ill show you how much i love you
that i can be what you need me to be
this is that.. i can feel you falling out of love
but fuck that because i know where we are suppose to be
this nowhere near that mo betta
this is that ill treasure
but only if you let me
this is not that blues… that mo betta blues
you are my indigo showers
baby.. if i could play the trumpet
i would show you that i am far from bleek inside
because this is
not that….
not that mo better blues
i would be a fool to lose you
shit i am partially losing my cool
because part of me has been lock out of you
i just want you
for the love…
not that mo betta

Jay G