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i think of our love.. as winter
you beautiful and still
looks can be seen as chilling.. hence the goosebumps racing
up my arms got my mind, going…silly
you give me a piece of warmth.. holding you close makes me feel
safe, makes me feel… protected
my heart that is
hoping you feel the same as i touch you
miseducated about the ways the seasons can affect the feeling
for autumn, falling for you
winter you keep me warm
spring you blossom joy into my world
summer, in the summer you set the sky on fire for me
but my favorite of all is the season of winter
from September to February even,
because these are the moments
i am allowed to pull you near
this time more that ever
as it is the season for
our love is like winter, because we along time become frozen
and i am more and more in love with the moment

Jay G