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are you familiar with that holy, love
that once felt, see the heavens type love
have you been.. blessed with that?
she says “you better adore me… naw fuck that
you, you better infiltrate my soul and make my mind come for you”
she recalls, scriptures
from the book of venus
my roses are red, your are blue
and once our petals combine
the clouds will become violent as the rain pours from
the stratus matter
her legs scatter
wrapped around my body
i become trapped in her pink matter
im familiar with that love
that holy hallelujah
will die for the feeling type love
the you cry, my eyes swell too type love
she interviens and says my spines tingles for you
for your embrace my heart races
time ceases when we share the same space
this sanctuary
will become legendary for we will create the angels
that will carry our names in the future
for this moment i am familiar
with the passion, the mercy of the holy, love

Jay G