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i am a lover
veins filled with the power to ease you
please you
a product of this place, this love land
if i told you i was built to remold the strains in your soul
would you believe me
would you be my queen, can i be your collector
your sworn protector…
i am, as of others; flawed but controlled
i am a lover
like no other baby, i have chosen to love you
only you
cupid shot me… and injected the spirit of Aphrodite into my heart
so… seeing you right after the bang
made the pain, less.. devastating
i am a lover
eyes filled with irises that have seen Saturn’s rings..
a heart big as a flare escaping the suns atmosphere
so fear not when i touch you
i am just embracing the skin that houses your spirit
you ask who am i…
im the one for you

Jay G