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i have never made love in a garden of exotic roses
either have i on a beach
but i desire to indulge in this with you
as you inspire me
my writing
my intuition
i ran a fever, under the impression that i had a condition
from the position of another, you would say i was iil
but i am suffering,
suffering from falling in love with you
temperature high
but chills placed upon my skin
the touch from you causes me too, regurgitate the words i love you
i have been having visions of undressing you
underneath the moonlight
restoring the feeling of bliss in the air
i have never made love in a garden
let alone on a cool night, within the shores of a beach
but this bed feels like cloud nine
and you feel like the antidote, for the symptoms i have received
my muse
my dream catcher
my believer
i swear.. i have never felt this feeling

Jay G