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tonight i wear the attire of the fallen
of who, some view as another statistic
blood on the hands of guilty,
how dare he scream innocence
killing in cold blood,
making fabrications to justify the wounds
smiling when hearing the verdict think you win?….
no.. really you lose
plague to walk the earth,
seeing the images of the innocent when you close your eyes
waking up in cold sweats in the middle of night
knowing that you racial profiled, and then took a life
he was just trying to get home
but instead the angels took his soul in flight
now the rebels of the extinct unify
walking interstates in the name of the 17 year old whose mother didn’t have a chance to say goodbye
now even though you’re not here in spirit
your name will never die
so i
along with others
who wear the uniform of the injustice
not just another statistic, gone because of a man whose soul was hardened
this is to you rest your soul
mr. martin