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“ive been gone.. ive been gone”

The weeknd

its two o clock in the morning.. the bass in these headphones
are causing my cup to tremble
could be my nerves, could be my soul
im losing it (sigh)
losing my mind, cant seem to find a pulse
im gone, my body’s here
but everything else is waltzing around this room in search for the missing
i heard birds outside of my window
maybe im hearing things
the feeling inside of this body of mines is nothing close to
the feelings inside of yours
i just hope youll still listen
but until then
ill be that broken peice of stone
rolling away
she wants to fall out of love, i want her to remain in
i hope my kisses wont feel like sandpaper upon the cheek of her
i hope the images of our future arent to far gone
i couldnt imagine not being next to her
placing my hands close to hers
not loving her
i think im gone insane maybe
she makes me stable so her not being here is causing me too….
baby if you knew the feelings
the feelings that i feel for you
at times through the day… i swear i can feel you
i wonder if you feel me too
your scent flows through my room as my fans blows.. the sweetest thing i know
these walls.. looking at me becoming closer
the feelings of losing you worsen
because i love you.. only wanting you
tomorrow or should i say today is thursday… i miss you

Jay G